Voice and Guitar

by James Hurley

Released 2014
James Hurley Music
Released 2014
James Hurley Music
Sophisticated songwriting, presented in the most elemental manner; one voice, one guitar.
  • 02:13 Download When You Fall
  • 02:17 Got to Thinkin'
  • 03:39 Mountain
  • 02:59 Sugar
  • 03:31 Whisper
  • 03:40 This Is the Life
  • 02:45 Night Into Day
  • 02:59 Story Lyrics I'm With You

    I’m with you

    copyright 2014 T. James Hurley

    Baby, the long week is over, Friday night comin’ ‘round.

    It’s high time to play, what do you say we step out and paint the town?

    Maybe we’ll take in a movie, go where the jazz is cool,

    Head for the city and kick up our heels and act like a couple of fools.

    Whatever you’d like to do, I’d like too, you suit me to a “T”,

    I’m with you.


    Maybe a little fine dining, I’ll come around about eight.

    You take your time getting ready; we’ll be fashionably late.

    No need to make reservations, the Maître ‘D knows our names.

    “Glad you could make it, your table is waiting, allow me to pour the Champagne”.

    And as you go walking by, every guy will catch my eye and know that I’m with you.


    Now and then, I wonder if it’s not a little wrong, to feel so good the way I do.

    When I see some other fella look at you too long and then you turn to me and

    show that guy that… I’m the one with you.


    Now that the evening is over… and Oh! What an evening it’s been…

    Laughing and dancing and dining the kind of a night that you hope never ends.

    This little moment of magic, the end of a perfect day.

    And you’ve never looked more beautiful, but you take my breath away.

    When you lean close to me and quietly say, “Why don’t we slip away?’’

    Well, I'm with you, yeah, I’m with you.


    Whatever you’d like to do, I’d like too, you suit me to a “T”,

    I’m with you.

  • 04:03 Walk Away
  • 02:51 Goodbye Rain
  • 03:27 The Road You're Taking
  • 02:01 The Dream Is You
The clean simplicity of the cover of "Voice and Guitar" speaks to the elegant approach taken in presenting the musical contents. Unadorned and direct, allowing the songs to stand on their own merit without distraction. Recorded and produced by James Hurley, mixed by Michael James (New Radicals, Robben Ford, A.J. Croce) and Matt Forger (Michael Jackson, Simon Lynge), and mastered by David Donnelly (Aerosmith, Nelly Furtado, Journey), this is an album that celebrates the …
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Tempest in a Teacup

by James Hurley

Released 2008
Released 2008
Sparkles with honesty, depth, humor, and heart. Stories of a world that is sometimes amusing, occasionally maddening, and often inexplicable. Told with musical and lyrical imagery that captures the imagination and paints pictures for the mind's eye.
  • 03:38 Story Lyrics Mountain


    copyright 2007 T. James Hurley


    This is where a mountain used to be, a mountain used to be here.

    This is where a mountain used to be. 

    We took it down ‘cause it got in the way and you can’t have that.

    This is where a mountain used to be.


    It got in the way of the way of the world and you can’t have that.

    It got in the way and everybody knows that you can’t have that,

    no you can never have that.


    This is why we keep these photographs.

    They tell the checkered stories of our past.

    And everything that’s come and gone is cataloged and kept along with reliable information,

    and detailed illustrations, and elaborate explanations as to why these things are gone.

    There is no right or wrong as progress marches on.


    Marches on.


    This is where our conscience used be.

    It made itself a nuisance so you see...

    We let it go ‘cause it got in the way and you can’t have that.

    This is where our conscience used be.

    Used to be.


  • 04:00 What Might've Been
  • 02:48 Story Lyrics Tempest In A Teacup

    Tempest in a teacup

    copyright 2007 T. James Hurley


    Saw the story in the news, someone tried to share their views

    with someone else that just would not agree.

    Angry words and tempers flared, sabres rattled, war declared,

    now once again we’re standing on the brink.


    Day after day the sun comes up and goes back down.

    And nothing we can say will change the way the world goes ‘round.

    Holding on to our illusions we tumble ‘round the sun.

    Like a tempest in a teacup while the universe goes on and on and on.


    Given the way it’s gone so far I wonder why it seems so hard

    to understand that something must be wrong.

    Find anything to believe, convert the world and make them see

    your one true way...even if it takes a gun.


    While day after day the sun comes up and goes back down.

    And nothing we can say will change the way the world goes ‘round.

    Holding on to our illusions we tumble ‘round the sun.

    Like a tempest in a teacup while the universe goes on and on and on.


    All we’ve ever become is older, without becoming wise.

    If only passage of time could teach us, love might reach us...

    But ‘til that time…Day after day…Day after day…


    We tumble ‘round the sun, the way we’ve always done, like a tempest in a teacup.


    And the universe goes on.


  • 03:41 She's The One
  • 04:24 To Carry On
  • 02:07 Mushroom
  • 03:32 Story Lyrics Jealous Of The Moon

    Jealous of the Moon

    copyright 2006 T. James Hurley


    Thanks to you, my oldest friend, I’ve always known

    if the time should come, your loyal heart would show.

    So I’ll ask you please to tell her no one else could love her more than I do.

    Tell me, when you see her does she speak of me?

    Does she ever say I’m in the dreams she sees?

    Do the nights go by so slowly that they take eternity like mine do?


    Maybe I should not have asked this favor of a friend.

    All throughout the ages we’ve seen over and again...

    Better to beware, all in love and war is fair.

    So how can I be certain that the things I say to you,

    are the very words you’ll say to her?


    Please, I think I’m not myself, apologies are due.

    No more faithful friend has ever been... than you.

    And I know it’s foolish to become jealous of the moon.

    But I do.

  • 04:05 Long Way Down
  • 03:25 The Vampire Song
  • 03:55 She Won't Be Down
  • 05:06 Going Home
When I first set out to put this album together I had a whole bunch of songs written and no clear idea which ones I should record. So instead of carefully selecting a dozen or so and rolling up my sleeves and going to work, I just began recording...one song after another, hoping and trusting that somehow during the process the songs themselves would determine which ones belonged together...Well, they did indeed, and "…
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The Sun and the Moon

by James Hurley

Released 2004
Released 2004
Melody and imagination take this song-oriented acoustic guitar based album well beyond the genre of singer-songwriter. "Jazz-like virtuosity on acoustic guitar" - minor 7th Magazine.
First let me say this record was a helluva lot of fun to make.
It was recorded in a very short, and intense, period
of time using the most fundamental of recording techniques. We used microphones to record real musicians
making actual sounds on musical instruments...and other things. We even invented a thing or two, kind of a "make it up as you go along" approach...very creative atmosphere. Combine that with the caliber …
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James Hurley

by James Hurley

Released 2003
Released 2003
Blues, Jazz, and Rock with an earthy, rootsy feel polished with memorable melodies.
To my way of thinking, this collection of fifteen songs is an album in the truest sense of the word. Each song is like a photograph. It's a time, or a place, or a feeling, that's been captured in music. The styles of the songs range from rock to jazz to blues and pop, which reflects the huge wellspring of influences from which they came...

I should probably mention that this was never intended to …
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