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Thank you for sharing an evening of music and laughter tonight in Chico CA. Once we all settled in, you took us away from all the trials and tribulations of everyday life...providing a vehicle to share our love of song and community. Tree's house concert was a great experience for us all. Thank You for the great evening of entertainment. That was so fun!! We look forward to you passing thru town again soon... Happy trails to you...until we meet again... Tim Pam Sean and Gracie.
James - We and our party were fascinated and hugely entertained by your virtuoso playing and heart-felt singing at "Fiddler's Crossing" last night (Saturday, February 23rd). We hope we can hear you again at a public concert in the Tehachapi area, so we'll be watching your very professionaly designed website for dates. Sincerely, Jim and Rose Glasgow
Please put me on your mailing list. I love Murphy's.i was thinking you were out of state. Donna
Very nice performance last night. It was like you were singing just for me (under the circumstances . . .) I look forward to catching more of your shows in the future. And I love your cd's. I'm going to send one to my son so he will be encouraged to continue to follow his dreams. They're always worth it in the end. xoxoxo
Loved your set on Friday night. A truly unique talent in a generic world. Jazzy, Bluesy, Funny, stream of conciousness. You have a new fan.
hello james, merry christmas.... i hope all is going well for you. i would like to see some "the ghost is in the garden" that is some old school hurley.. i would like to hear back from you . thanx loren
James - Greetings from a fellow Kulak-ite. I need to get down there more often. Hope that your holidays are going well. By the way, are you going to Texas this year? I have a feeling I could almost talk the wife into another trip..... Like the look of the website. Happy humbug to yous and all of yours. Jim Robinson
I'm even taking a 3-hr. bus ride each way to attend this show! I'll be great to see you again; & Jeff & Holly are friends from our NYC days, 20 light years ago, as well as from here! Tracy Newman sez to give thee a "Howdy", as well!
Hey bud.. Enjoyed all the music but I really dig "Almost Believe".. Has a touch of Arch Angel's groove to it. One of my favorite bands! ;-) Again, great to have met you..
here's my email address elkhorng@earthlink.net
Want you to play an event. Can't get your contact page to give a security code. Email us please.
James, Han's Birthday and your show was a highlight, thank you so much. Knocked out Tempest In A Teacup and look forward to getting more. So, hi, be well, come back!! Dave & Jo
Just got home from the fort stockton event. I wish more people could have had the pleasure of hearing you perform on the guitar and sing your compositions. You have a very diverse repertoire,silly to tragic and every thing in between.There must be a lot of things going on in your head. I enjoyed all the different techniques you used in your guitar work, even the best bass guitar impression on an acoustic 6 string! I will tell my friends and family on the west coast to hear you if they get a chance. Thanks, Al haney
I know your Portland, Oregon appearences Now. I'll see about contributing to your fan base. Sunshine in Texas, Allison ("all is sun")
Hi James I am with the Carnation 4th of July, I believe I met you last summer. I talked with you about the possibility that you could perform at the 4th July Celebration. How long are your sets? & How much we are a non-profit with a tight budget.thanks, Kim
I was just at the Socorro New Mexico "M" Coffeehouse to escape my alone boredom that felt like a void inside. I had an amazing experience. . I was captured, I listened to and experienced "James Hurley" in person, in performance. Shockingly familiar person as if I have known James from some time ago, some other place and the music as if spring from waking-life of dreams. . I realized I was Listening to the visions of James songs carried me through the records of a life as if I where standing in front of a mirror looking at my own soul. Till this moment, this day in life I have never been able to stand and look into this mirror since I was seven years old. I did this night. I remembered when I was a seven year old boy and I had lucid dreams of this mirror. . I seen a fear of looming death I carriered with me all my life that became my guide for over 40 years in passing. Now I can make this stand for life again and not death. Beyond mythologies, my new breath each day from this time forward is a struggle to live for life and not the fear of looming death. . Thank You James Hurley for this reflection in life. -"That void has left me, I feel as if home is very near now."
Wow! amazing to meet you and get to share your heart and songs James, bravo and kudos on every level. I hope you don't mind sending my youtube link this way. Good luck and have fun in Socorro tonight. love & peace Thomas http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKvVpMSberg
"hello james, do you remember me, from charles st." " I am very pleased to hear your music once again..." "I hope all is well in your life it would be real nice to hear back from you." sincerely, loren
Hi James, I enjoyed reading your bio which left me wondering which State you were raised in. I think I'm a couple years older than you but definitely the same era. We listened to the same songs and I had a drum pad too. My Ringo dreams were the same and the school music teacher, (me on a snare), taught... boom, wack wack, boom, wack wack, etc... No future for me in music except for the love of listening and now hosting talented, artists in my home. I'm looking forward to meeting you in the near future. I've heard about you several times and just missing you in Lake Havasu at Virgil's House Concert. I was hosting John Batdorf the same night. Let's stay in touch and contact me when you're coming near my area. Even if it's just to meet. Dave Chambers
I so enjoyed your show at Marvel's home last night. I look forward to your return to the Monterey Peninsula for another performance. Let me now if you return to the UK for a tour.
Wanted to stop by and thank-you for the entertainment last night here in Havasu.We had a great-time and hoping to hear you again. Thanks and till we meet again peace,love,and paradise.
Mr. James, I wanted to thank you for your beautiful performance here at Castner Unit at AuSSLC. Also I wanted to wish you a happy birthday.
Looking forward to meeting you @ Hallenbach's
Hi James! Miss you and the good times we shared. Hope to continue our history soon. Kava Dume always. Best of luck, Todd
I checked out your website, and listened to your music on your website and its awesome.
long time no hear. i still have the casettes from the 80's. still the best.
I would love to play keyboards with you sometime...ever get to Denver? Pam
There is nothing like seeing you perform in person. Looking forward to your return visit to Angels! m.
James Hurley provides amazing performances here in Austin, Texas! He has been welcomed here and will be welcomed back by far more. Calls are coming in, "James Hurley is Amazing!" and "When is James Hurley performing again?" and "When will James Hurley be coming back to Texas?" James shares his incredible talent in a truly professional way, personalizing, connecting with the audience, and very naturally, in his comfortable manner, delivers a LARGE PERFORMANCE. James, you are now "a Texas Thang!" ;c)
James, Just listening to the songs you have posted here and YOU ARE JAMMIN'!!! You sound fantastic! I could swear your music just gets better and better! So looking forward to your concert(s) here in Austin!!! Triple Cheers! Terri
I met you at the Cross St performance. I love your stories and your music to support it. A very tasty compliment that is enjoyed by all who hear. You make us laugh and think. We have gone through the same transitions as you write which makes our journey more comfortable to know we are not alone. You are a master songwriter and a very enjoyable and fresh entertainer. Thank you for sharing your gift with us all. Ned (long for Ed) P.S. The Bible is a great inspiration for songwriters.
Glad I made the Facebook error. I'm impressed with everything I've seen on your website. Hopefully tomorrow I can take some time out and preview your music. Great bio!!!
Love the concert on Saturday. I hope you make a new CD soon and look forward to your return to Angels Serenity. I promise to bring the camcorder next time! Marge
I'm sooooo disappointed I'll miss the concert at the Marine Room. I'm in Florida that night...
you too cool last night.... http://www.duhdog.net/ some of my stuffs ;=)use my email addy to find me on facebook http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tByWmLuYUqk my cat dogger
So enjoyed listening to your selections. If you are still coming to South Florida in March, please give a shout to me. Lots going on this month. Stevie Coyle first weekend, my son getting married on March 20, Audrey Auld playing at a friends on March 26...April is another story. Just wanted to say Hans seemed to have great time here playing gigs. We are all like family. From one coast to another! If you need place to stay during Fl visit...we will find you a place along the way. All the best, James!
What a great house concert last night! I really enjoyed the show and also enjoyed catching up with you after way too long! Keep up the great music!
James: I met you a couple of years ago in Portland (friend of your cousin Martie). I have a radio show now on a community radio station. I am planning on playing some of your music. The show is every Wed 6-7:30 pm (the Pat Rice Variety Show. Stream on-line www.kitcfm.com
I enjoyed your show so very much last night at Camarillo Cafe. Looked up Yoda on Wikipedia and being Yoda, except for his elfin looks, isn't such a bad thing! He was very wise. James Lee Stanley won't be offended-don't worry!
Just found your website James. By any chance, are you related to James Hurley, or Elizabeth Hurley that lived in Castroville, CA during the turn of the century? If so, contact me. I have something that belongs to you.
Greetings, oh mighty He Who Hath Many Good Reviews Under His Belt. (That's your new Indian name. How do you like it? Comes complete with a coupon for a free Slurpee.)But enough of that, I was just wondering if you could give me some information about the weather in Portland, Oregon. I've heard many good things about this corner of the world, and I need to know how often they experience sunshine. The on-line weather reports are nice, but a first-hand opinion/analysis would be most welcome. I daresay that we'll be seeing you soon. Hope that your Humbug was happy, and that your New Year unfolds with happiness and prosperity. Cheers. Jim Robinson, ala Straw Dog
Just love your music. Saw you in Santa Barbara.
I noticed there is no YouTube of the two of you. I will probably be there at the Coffee Gallery, and would like to video you two and put it up on YouTube if it is OK with you. Please let me know
thanks for the music in santa barbara at the good cup - really enjoyed it! we talked for a second after about good spots in philly to play: green line cafe and world cafe live, and milkboy coffee in ardmore (just outside the city). happy traveling. . .
James...loving your tunes, voice, guitar, songwriting! Sharing links with many friends. Want to see ya get some HC/gigs out in CA....Your sound will reach many. Interested in showcases at all? 3X a week in the San Luis Obispo, CA area and know ya can get booked to fit your schedule. Steve J. Key contact, or me and I can link you up. Enchanted to meet up with your sounds/soul! Susan
James, great to meet you last night! as promised here is a kink to my blog "Peteredout" my review of last night is up. hope you like http://peter-peteredout.blogspot.com/2009/10/kulaks-wonderland.html
TO: James Hurley FROM: Dave Leonatti; Nightsounds DATE: September 27, 2009 RE: New CD for Airplay American Songwriter Magazine – August 2009 Hey There: I am looking at new music for the past month and I saw the review in the latest American Songwriter magazine. May we receive a copy of the new CD “Tempest in a Teacup” for Nightsounds here at WUIS? Go to www.wuis.org and check out our playlists and see if you think you are a good fit. If so, send along some tunes. Here’s the Mailing Address: Nightsounds – WUIS 91.9 University of Illinois at Springfield One University Plaza Springfield, Illinois 62794-9243 If you require further information, please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thanks and good luck. Dave Leonatti, Nightsounds 217-789-9515 Voice 217-789-9518 Fax Email: theleos1@juno.com
Well, I got a few spare hours this weekend, so I got on the computer and re-visited your website, and finally got to listen to the cuts from Tempest. Damn, you are good. But you don't scare me, James, even if you do know where the vampires are. I'm also intrigued by your production technics, theres this wonderfully warm quality to your vocals without oversaturating with reverb. This is a powerful offering. Anyway, I'm buying a copy tonight (as soon as the Mrs. goes to bed - she's got us on some wierd austerity program. One $300 electric bill and she gets all nervous)and I'll be traveling with it for the next month or so. I'll be listening. Thanks. Jim Robinson
Good morning James Hurley ! Nice website, very glad about Ur interview on Friday 11 September. Greetings
Hi James, Josh and I met you at the Hilly Beans last night and wnated to say what a great time that we had. Thanks for chatting with us at the break. We will be looking you up again. I was thinkin', that one benefit of performing ONLY original tunes, is that hardly anyone can sing along! Unless they turn into JH groupies. Keep up the great fun! Greg
James, You are a great artist, and a genuine, true friend. All the best, Aaron Wolfson http://www.aaronwolfson.com
Watch your door...I might knock on it in the next couple of days ;-)
You should be doing a happy dance - great review in American Songwriter!
Hey James, Great site! Hope to see you soon... Michael
James, I believe you attended GIT in 1983. If so, you should join a bunch of us on FaceBook. There is a page dedicated to students from 1983. Drop me a line. I have a great picture of you with Steve Sage on stage. Great tune I'm hearing. Take care, John.
Howdy James, Many Thanks and Blessings with Love & Light Peg
Hey James, Just checked out the schedule to see when you would be back in Phoenix,Az. I love listening to the Tempest In A Teacup. Can't wait to see you again. You are awsome
Damm Hurley!! was getting worried you went too soft from too dark..if u no what i mean!! but Tempest In A Teacup rocks!!Great song..and you know what a critic I am..the title threw mw off a bit so I took this long to listen..what a dork I am!! WE need to promote this one..how much??!!!LOVE IT!!
James, Glad to have met and worked with you. "Tempest In A Teacup" blew me away...really! Well done...keep on keepin' on the Grass Roots movement.
Hi James - Jacksonville, FL was a blast! Be in touch. L
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Hey James, Congrats on the #1 hit!!! Can't wait to hear it, hopefully live in nw! I just wrapped the tour in AZ, at the horse rescue ranch gig....you HAVE to give it another go. Most amazing experience of the tour. A horse stood 10 ft from me watching for my whole show...and another one danced to my song, "the dance". Mind blowing. Just go when the weather is cooler and you'll be fine! :) (you know what I mean.) Signing off in mesa, where I'm just about to eat the florentine omelet that will "change your life!!" tba... Hugs, Jean
this is be cool 8)
Hi James, Michael & I want to thank you so much for the beautiful music at our wedding, it's something we'll always remember. Pictures to follow soon :) The Silvermans
Cool site goodluck :)
Another wonderful show last night in Carmel Valley. Just wish we had more people to enjoy what you do. I look forward to your next album and show. Bill
Hi James, Great to hear you perform the other night at the song circle. That was lot's of fun! Peace and aloha, KImo
James,thank you for the wonderful concert at the Venditto's. This type of venue suits you very well. I relayed your Albuquerque concert date to Charles Dale and spoke to my daughter-in-law about a concert in Bozeman, MT. She will run it by the right people. Have fun, Bones
I'm getting good vibes from you lately James!!! Glad you're doing well. I hope to see you again soon!
hello James i was at Virgil&Carolyn's house concert(i was the chicano in the yellow shirt)yuk!yuk! and just wanted to say you are a very well balanced musician and i relly liked what i heard.me being a musician my self(Carl Sparkmans Harp player/drums)wish you the best.its very nice to see a man and his music such as yours thats full of truth.you struck a smooth note with us. Greg&Jetta
hi! nice site!
Sorry that you got sick. Melanie and I were planning on coming tonight and I went to the Boney Mountain House Concert site and got the news. Feel better!